In this new film, Rossignol celebrates its love for the mountains and snow sports in all their richness and diversity. A love that, from generation to generation, forges a bond of shared emotions among all enthusiasts. As the next season approaches, this opus takes the viewer on a multi-faceted descent, from powder fields to competition slopes, alongside the brand’s iconic champions. Guaranteed to rekindle the inspiring flame of winter in everyone.


Interspersed with references to Rossignol’s rich past, the film starts with the calm of an alpine chalet in the early morning, a few snowflakes and sounds of children’s laughter from upstairs. We then see a grandfather head out to the slopes on a beautiful winter’s day: marking the start of a descent in which all winter disciplines appear to converge. Like team members, athletes from different backgrounds, united by their love of the mountains and snow sports, create a transition in an exceptional ride through the Rossignol universe. Some familiar faces appear during this run, emblematic champions who every day build the legend of this brand with over a century of tradition: the iconic Martin Fourcade, as well as Anaïs Chevalier-Bouchet for cross-country, the freeskier Enak Gavaggio and the alpine ski champion Fedérica Brignone.

Immersing the viewer in the heart of the action and tinged with a happy nostalgia, this film is an ode to sharing and an invitation to experience the full diversity of winter flavours, regardless of community, preferred discipline or level of proficiency. Enjoying the present moment, together and in complete simplicity, because passion for the mountains and for snow sports (re)unites, brings people together and creates lifelong memories for everyone. With your coach, your partner, with your friends and family, children, parents, grandparents. Learning. Training. Helping each other. Falling. Getting up. Counting on each other. Transmitting, right through until the end of the film, which closes with the mischievous smile of a little girl who is impatient to get back on her skis with «grandpa».

From generation to generation, it is this passion for the mountains that the French brand has embodied since its creation in 1907. With this new campaign, it invites the viewer to (re)discover this extraordinary environment and to set off, all together, towards the next season.

« So, shall we go back? Together? »

« For 115 years, Rossignol has been bringing snow sports enthusiasts together. Almost like a family member, the brand has accompanied them on every slope and in all terrains for generations. Like them, our heart beats to the rhythm of the mountain. We are united by our love for this unparalleled world of freedom. Our aim for this campaign was to highlight this special bond we share with all enthusiasts, and also to invite a wide audience to join us on the slopes this winter or at our various events: let’s (re) discover this fabulous, shared playground and experience new moments of amazing emotions. together.»

Gabriel Authier, CMO of the Rossignol Group