Global Reach

  • The international headquarter

    Saint-Jean-de-Moirans (Grenoble)

    This site is located in the heart of Isère and gathers the following teams: 

    > The Group’s board
    > Reasearch and development teams
    > The Rossignol and Dynastar racing ski and prototypes shop floors
    > Support teams: the legal department, the financial department, the HR and the IT departments
    > The marketing and sales teams
    > The industrial teams: infographics, safety and environment, quality and supply
    > Rossignol Apparel’s teams

Global reach

Products distributed in 52 countries

Amérique du Nord

> Park City (Utah)
> Montréal (Canada)


> France
> Italy
> Germany
> Austria
> Switzerland
> Norway-Sweden


> Japan
> China

42 pays via nos

> Spain
> Poland
> Russia
> Finland
> Korea
> …

Industrial sites

The Group has several plants in Europe
two of which are in France:

  • Sallanches: production in Chamonix Valley of high end alpine skis (short series) for Rossignol and Dynastar and junior skis.
  • Nevers: bindings under the Look brand, ranking #2 worldwide.
  • Artés (Spain): site dedicated to the production of wood core Alpine skis, traditional technology for Rossignol and Dynastar brands, and high-end cross-country skis.
  • Montebelluna (Italy): high-end Alpine boots under the Rossignol and Lange brands, high-end Risport skates. Design expertise center in boots (including Rossignol Footwear).
  • The Group also has a central logistics warehouse based in Saint-Etienne de Saint Geoirs.
  • Global apparel & D2C Hub in Milan – Italy


The Artès factory, which celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2022, is dedicated to the production of wood core alpine skis for the Rossignol and Dynastar brands and top-of-the-range Rossignol cross-country skis. The Spanish site is now responsible for 78% of the Group’s global alpine ski production and manufactures also Nordic skis.

The Artès ski factory is a prime example of Rossignol’s commitment to more environmentally friendly production. It operates on 100% renewable energy and produce part of its electricity from the installation of solar panels in 2023.

The entire production process has been revised and optimized to limit the environmental impact.
4,000 photovoltaic panels have been installed, with the aim of producing 20% of annual electricity needs.

The Artès site also holds the necessary certifications for the use of PEFC wood core.
PEFC certified logoThe PEFC label guarantees to the consumer that the product they are buying comes from responsible sources and that by purchasing it they are contributing to the sustainable management of forests. Managing a forest sustainably means taking into account its environmental, societal and economic dimensions. The PEFC label fulfils this mission every day as a guardian of the natural balance in forests. The label tracks certified wood from its origins in the forest and throughout the processing and marketing chain, culminating at the end of the chain with the certification of the finished product.


The Montebelluna site is the center of expertise dedicated to ski boots and Footwear. The site is responsible for designing and manufacturing Rossignol and Lange alpine ski boots, and for designing the high-end Risport ice skates.

The site runs on 45% renewable electricity. The injection molding production process generates plastic waste (scrap and sprues). In order to reduce this waste, it is reground on site and reintegrated into the manufacturing process for new hulls.

Particular attention has also been paid to packaging, with the Rossignol Group striving to reduce its use as much as possible while also sourcing FSC-labelled boxes to package its ranges of boots. More than 100 people employed, 30% of them in R&D and design.