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Our role as a company in the fight against climate change

Since 1907, the history of Rossignol has been intimately linked to the mountains, an inexhaustible source of inspiration and an unparalleled world of freedom for all enthusiasts. A uniquely beautiful environment that everyone knows is now under serious threat. Published on 4 April 2022, the latest report of the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) leaves no doubt: We need to act now and act radically if we want to limit global warming to 1.5 °C. According to the IPCC experts, we need to transform our societies to consume less energy and resources. To achieve such restraint, we need to change certain practices.

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Changing our habits and adopting more restrained lifestyles (consumption, food, mobility, etc.) would enable us to reduce our emissions by 40% to 70% by 2050. This is a vital undertaking that requires social commitments from individuals, companies and politicians.

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Reducing CO2 emissions requires a shift from fossil fuels to renewable energies (solar, wind, hydro, etc.).

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Increasing the capacity of natural carbon sinks to sequester CO2 from the atmosphere, for example by making better use of land and forests.

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Developing technologies to reduce CO2 emissions is an avenue that should not be overlooked in the energy transition, but the techniques are still speculative and some present risks for biodiversity and human rights. This is therefore not an immediate, comprehensive and sustainable response. The main priority is therefore to achieve a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

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Cooperating to prepare for adaptation to climate change.

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With the effects of climate change already impacting our lifestyles, we have spent the recent years seeking to provide answers to current social challenges: how can we maintain a business model that supports our brands and employees while minimising our environmental impact, and thus contribute to a sustainable future?

For several years, the Rossignol Group has been implementing actions aimed at limiting the impact of its activity on nature, fully aware of the imperative need to protect and preserve the planet. This is a resolutely proactive philosophy and although it is certainly incomplete and imperfect, we hope to propose a progressive and beneficial approach as quickly possible by sharing a common vision of sustainable development with the various brands and sites that make up our Group.

We need to commit to a strong environmental and social policy, and unite all our stakeholders around our approach, because the climate we will experience in the near future depends on the decisions we make now.

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The Rossignol Group takes full account of environmental issues and is committed to implementing concrete actions to respect its playground, the mountain environment.

To achieve this, we are committed to the following objectives:

  • Reduce our carbon footprint by 30% by 2030 and aim to be carbon-neutral by 2050
  • Reduce our waste by 40% by 2025
  • Acting for quality of life together.

The Respect programme focuses on four major issues:

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Acting for the respect of our playground, the mountain environment.

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Respectful production.

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Design of more environmentally respectful products.

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Social commitment for the respect of our community.

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Today, we must work together to combat climate change effectively

Individual and collective actions are inseparable and indispensable. To have a real impact, it is essential to combine these two levels of commitment. We remain convinced that it is important for everyone to act at their own level, and as far as possible in line with their convictions. However, we believe that collective action is essential: it has a greater impact and can drive deeper and more sustainable social change.

This is why we must dare to go further and cooperate to prepare for adaptation to climate change. We wish to participate in the creation of new editions of the Convention des Entreprises pour le Climat (Business Convention for the Climate, CEC) together with actors from the Auvergne Rhône Alpes regions in order to involve other companies in this struggle. At the same time, we are acting as part of Outdoor Sports Valley (OSV) to mobilise a growing number of members in this transition.

Our goal is therefore to increase our climate shadow. This shadow, which measures the global impact of an individual or an organisation, “stretches out” behind us by taking into account all the (negative) impacts linked to our lifestyles, travel or activities, but also the (positive) impacts of our commitments and efforts to fight the climate crisis.

In other words, the climate shadow is the extension of the carbon footprint to all our indirect impacts. This innovative concept deserves to be much better known, as it allows us to assess the relevance of our actions and the consequences of our influence.

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