Vincent Wauters, CEO of the Rossignol Group, will become part of a select group of 150 company directors (SMEs and large organizations) who have pledged their support to France’s Corporate initiative on Climate Change, the Climate Enterprise Convention. This forum draws its inspiration from the Citizens’ Convention on Climate Change roundtable and is focused on giving the business world a central role in driving the ecological transition agenda forward

Building on the example of the Citizens’ Convention on Climate Change, the  Climate Enterprise Convention (Convention des Entreprises pour le Climat) is a focus group of 150 french CEOs who have sworn to lead a number of work sessions involving outside experts between July 2021 and March 2022 as they brainstorm and channel their efforts on creating a platform of game-changing resolutions and propositions that will also aim to garner support from political circles.

The aim is to forge an ambitious set of credible initiatives that will support  its corporate members with their roadmap and efforts to reduce CO2 emissions, but also help them put biodiversity back on the road to regeneration while sending out a clear signal of their determination to re-engineer their business models by harnessing the collective intelligence from across their sector.

The mountains have never been more exposed to the fallout from climate change. The Rossignol Group‘s status as a leading force in the winter sports and mountain equipment market elicits a special sense of responsibility when it comes to protecting nature and the mountains.

« As a citizen, father and CEO, I feel responsible for helping both society and industry tackle the urgent global warming issues facing today’s world. The Climate Enterprise Convention heralds a tremendous opportunity to stand united, push back the boundaries and bring even greater ambitions to the  »RESPECT » program led by the Rossignol Group’s employees, » explained Vincent Wauters when he joined this initiative on behalf of the Rossignol Group.

These ambitious CSR goals will now fuel the Rossignol Group‘s strategy to continue developing an eco-friendly array of sports activities.

The decision to sign up for this Corporate Convention platform strikes a chord with the RESPECT program (in its environmental responsibility component) that the Rossignol Group launched in 2020. Designing environmentally friendly products will form the backbone of the Rossignol Group’s product policy. These commitments will ultimately help maximize sales of more eco-designed products that are manufactured at ISO 14001-certified sites and which reflect the Group’s investments to massively curb the amount of waste generated. The company is already taking a critical look at the life cycle of its leading products to gain a clearer insight into the innovations required to improve their eco-design credentials.

The Rossignol Group is also a member of the Fashion Pact and the United Nations Global Compact to promote CSR performance. Our commitment has already culminated in various initiatives worldwide, among them for instance an initiative to plant 35,000 trees in Tanzania with Reforest’Action, or the active support we bring to the Protect Our Winters environmental association.