After a strong rebound in the 2021-2022 financial year (€313 million in revenue), the Rossignol Group recorded very strong growth in its activities for the 2022-2023 financial year, up 28%, with €401 million in revenue (as of March 31st, 2023). Founded 116 years ago in the French Alps, and now a global reference in winter and mountain sports, the Group is driven by its product expertise, competitive success, the successful diversification of its offer and its commitment to sustainable development. By 2026, Rossignol plans to generate close to 30% of its business through its clothing and footwear offer and to continue to open up all-seasons and mountain multi-activity. The Group also aims to develop one third of its ski ranges within a circular economy approach by 2028.

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Record year: The Rossignol Group reveals very good results for 2022-2023

The strong market recovery observed during the winter of 2021-2022 continued in the 2022–2023 season. Despite sometimes variable snow conditions throughout different periods and geographic areas, the Rossignol Group took full advantage of the high traffic in ski resorts and the increasing appeal of the mountains and their benefits.

Consequently, 2022-2023 is a record year. The Rossignol Group is growing strongly across all markets (+ 36% in France, +39% in Europe, +16 % in North America and +10% in Asia) and distribution channels, and developing well in winter sports equipment and the apparel/footwear category.

This market dynamic comes within the promising context of an outstanding Racing season, with a total of 146 podiums and 40 victories in the World Cup across all disciplines, and an excellent World Championships (Alpine and Nordic) with 21 medals including 9 gold medals.

While Racing and innovation remain at the heart of the Rossignol Group’s DNA, sustainable development now plays a central role, with a comprehensive approach to managing the life cycle of its products, from eco-design to new recycling solutions. This winter, the Rossignol Group unveiled two major innovations with the Rossignol Essential ski, delivering extremely high recyclability potential (at 77%, 10 times that of a traditional ski), and the Dynastar Hybrid Core 2.0, a new manufacturing process resulting in a significant decrease in all environmental indicators measured as part of a product life-cycle analysis.

Ascension 2026: a push towards a more responsible economic model

In November 2022, the Rossignol Group announced its intention to achieve €500 million in revenue in 2026, while deploying its environmental and social commitments through its Ascension 2026 strategic plan. The main thrust of this plan is to reconcile qualitative growth, industrial performance and a more sustainable approach.

To support this new ambition, the Group has announced a global investment envelope of €50 million by 2026, including €27 million of industrial investments, €15 million of which is linked to its RESPECT environmental progress programme (40% of these investments have already been initiated: for example, to install solar panels in the Artés plant in Spain, to optimise industrial processes to reduce waste production, and for energy transition investments on the Sallanches manufacturing site from 2024).

In Fall 2022, the Rossignol Group announced its wish to accelerate its production commitment to a circular economy that is more responsible for the company and its environment, and to support the transformation of its manufacturing base. The key focuses include reinforcing the Group’s French industrial roots by investing in the Sallanches site in Haute-Savoie, with the aim of making this plant the world’s leading factory for eco-designed and recyclable skis and a centre of expertise for repair and second life.

The Rossignol Group has also recently taken another major step in its sustainable development policy by investing in its own poplar plantation in Spain in 2023. The Group’s objective is to put in place a full cycle, in a short-circuit, circular approach, from planting to production and up to the stage of recovering materials at product end-of-life and recycling. This plantation will therefore directly supply the two ski factories, in Artés (Spain) and Sallanches (France), with the ultimate goal of covering 50% of its annual requirement for wood. This operation is part of a 15-year cycle to plant a forest of more than 50,000 trees on a currently treeless site, and to capture a total of 14,000 tonnes of CO2.

Rossignol has also collaborated with Fairly Made to improve the traceability of its textile products, and to better understand their footprint: transparency as to their sourcing, manufacturing and environmental impacts, and to find areas for improvement for our future products. Rossignol’s Spring-Summer 2023 collection will feature a QR Code on labels that consumers can scan to find this information.

The Rossignol Group is therefore continuing its efforts to achieve its objectives in the coming years: from reducing its waste (-40% by 2025) to reducing its carbon footprint (-30% by 2030), and including a more responsible ski offer, an enhanced four-season Clothing & Footwear offer, and the deployment of its omnichannel strategy. All the indicators are positive for the Group’s accelerated transition and its foothold in the mountains all year round.

Vincent Wauters, CEO of the Rossignol Group, says:I am extremely proud of our teams’ outstanding work over the past two years, which has led to a solid financial and commercial strengthening of the Rossignol Group. Thanks to their collective talent and their unwavering commitment, we have achieved a record year and a spectacular rebound in only 24 months. We have therefore passed the milestone of €400 million in revenue, in advance of our Ascension 2026 Strategic Plan. With a strong increase in revenue and margin since 2021. This will therefore be a record year, far exceeding our best performances pre-Covid. We are building on these collective performances and the return to a positive net result to pursue our deployment and our investments for the future with confidence and peace of mind.