Innovation serving consumer experience

The Group collaborates with the CEA in order to imagine tomorrow’s products and services.
It adopts an innovation-driven strategy.

Air Tip 2.0

Design-driven revolution

Every on-snow sensation begins in the tip of the ski. An all-new blend of iconic Rossignol innovation, AIR TIP VAS lightens swing weight and absorbs initial impacts, delivering pure snow contact and control. The integrated visco dampener filters terrain shocks, calming and stabilizing the ski for concentrated energy and cleaner power transfer.

In&Motion airbag

Embeded innovative solution for protection

Approved by the International Ski Federation (FIS), the Rossignol PROTECTIVE GEAR IN&MOTION AIRBAG VEST features certified back protection that can be worn under a ski suit. It analyses the skier’s movements in real time and is able to detect a critical fall.


Dynamic Line Control

Rossignol patented Race dep. approved Technology based on maintain of the perfect line. It’s redefining a new standard of performance and line control. Instantaneous  feeling of stability


TIME’s unique « made in France » expertise

To offer its users unique performances, Time has developed a unique braiding process. This process, which consists in interlacing different or identical fibres (Carbon, Vectran, Kevlar), forms a braid («sock») which will allow the structure of the future bike to be constructed layer by layer.
Thanks to this unique innovation, it is possible to adapt the characteristics of the frame to the sensations sought on the bike: so each type of sports use has its own frame. For instance, the Vectran fibre boasts a high vibration absorption capacity, while the carbon fibre is lighter and more rigid. No other technology offers such an extensive selection and precision in the location of the different fibres used. By choosing to braid its fibres, Time has developed a catalogue of more than 100 different braids.

Membrane Mp+

Stay Intense, Stay Dry

For nearly 20 years the MP+® membrane has been used by runners and outdoor enthusiasts and is renowned for its breathability, waterproofness and durability.
The ideal protection for high intensity activities in poor weather and challenging environments.


Performance-driven process

Raidlight uses the process of cutting fabric by laser in its factory in Saint Pierre de Chartreuse. his technology provides a clean cut without need for additional sewing. LazerTech technology gives a simple cut with no extra fabric. The design of the products is geared entirely towards our first passion: Trail Running.

Open R&D and participative communities

The desire to put the client in the center of our attention

Raidlight wishes to develop its collaborative marketing expertise by involving its users at several stages. Thanks to a virtual workshop, anyone can now contribute to the design of the brand’s products.
There is also a public R&D lab located in Saint-Pierre-de-Chartreuse open to the public.